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Wicketted Bags

Wicketted Bags
  • Unitized bags in 250's (depends on size) on a U shaped, stiff wire wicket.
  • Ideal for packaging all sorts of items: textile products, food items, ice and industrial goods
  • Use manually or with semi automatic bagging equipment
  • Frees both hands for loading and sealing
  • Standard wicketed bags have a 1.5” lip and 250 per wicket (size dependent...bigger size or thicker bags have less per wicket)
  • U or T wickets available
  • Low minimums available
  • Standard wicket put-ups are .25” slit, .25” land and .25” from slit to top of lip
  • All Custom options available---venting, ziplock, header seals, hangholes etc.
  • Wicketted Bags can be printed up to 8 colors on 2 sides
  • Samples of wicketted items we have made available upon request

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