In January of 2019, our entire company was challenged with meeting a goal of reducing our internal waste by 25% by Dec 2019.  The goal fits our new vision of Healthy Company, Healthy People and Healthy Planet.   Waste reduction enhances the profitability of the company, allows the company to invest more in our people and reduces materials and resources thereby helping the planet.

June marks the midway point for achieving our goal.  Since January, our waste committee has looked at thousands of orders and identified common themes to act upon.  We have changed internal processes and procedures to address the findings.  To date, waste has been effectively reduced by 12%.  We have 6 months to reduce by another 13%. 

Waste Week was held June 17th to June 20th 2019.  Waste Week was meant to raise awareness in pursuit of the goal and provide a forum for all employees to learn and voice ideas.  Through a series of fun instructional videos, interactive information exchanges, hands-on experiences, and gaming we brought increased attention to our internal waste and how we can prevent it.  All employees took part in at least one session of their choosing.   The sessions below occurred throughout the week in 30 minute to 60 minute intervals.

Future of Packaging:  Watch a series of videos that provides a sense of where we are, where we are going & how waste is being converted into new materials in the packaging world.  

Run a Machine: Run a bag machine for a short time to better understand how the design of a package and design of the work order impacts our ability to make bags with limited waste.  

InksTalk:  Learn about the inks we used to print with, currently use and the future of inks. 

Plant Tour through “Waste Glasses”: Take a short tour of CVB tracking every step an order takes on its way through the facility.  Particular attention will be paid to places where waste creeps into the process.   

How Material is made and at what cost?  Watch a video and engage in a dialogue surrounding the cost of our raw materials. 

Waste Workshop  Go in-depth into the ”Waste Report through 5 months”.  A review of the causes of internal waste will be followed by breakout sessions where new ideas will be sought.  

CVB Waste Trivia: Engage in an interactive trivia game surrounding waste and waste prevention at CVB.

The last day of waste week, a Food Truck provided a meal for all employees and each employee received a Clear View Bag custom TShirt and Clear View Bag Reusable tote as pictured below.

It was a great week!   

Our sustainability efforts continue to evolve.  For more information, visit

Thanks for reading!


Written by David Pugliese