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Vented Bags

Vented Bags
  • Low volumes available.
  • Vents can be a custom option for any bag (plain or printed). Vents are used for air release when the bag is sealed. Vents are also used in certain applications to allow the product to breath.
  • Clean cut vent sizes available include: 1/16" (pin sized), 1/8”, ¼”, 3/8” and ½”.
  • Half moon or butterfly holes are also available in a 1/4" size.
  • The vent size depends on the application. Two areas to keep in mind when deciding on vent size and location: be sure to choose a vent size that does not allow the product inside to easily fall out of the vent(s) and be sure the vent size does not interfere with the print on the bag. (if printed)
  • Vent(s) can generally be placed in any location. Vent patterns are available.
  • Multiple vents can be placed on the bag. The number of vents possible depends on the bag size and construction.
  • Bags are not vented unless stated when quoting or ordering.
  • To be sure the vent size and number of vents will work for your application, contact a Clear View Bag representative, request a FREE hand made non printed sample or request a sample of a similar machine made sample from a job we may have already manufactured. Contact information can be found on the home page. Quote and sample request forms are found below and on the home page. Requests are easy to submit and are responded to immediately during normal business hours.

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