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“Request” May Be A Key “Re” To A More Circular Packaging Economy The “Re” words are prominent in the sustainable movement and key to a move toward a more circular economy.   In brief: Reduce: Use less whenever possible Reuse: Keep existing products in use longer Repair: Continue use of product through minor repairs and module …

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One of the reasons Clear View Bag chose the PCMC Fusion C series press is because of the amazing company that provides and services the press. PCMC is a domestic company located right here in the United States in Green Bay Wisconsin. PCMC in the past year have been regulars coming into our plant to …

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This image shows how the print plates work on the printing press

Print plates are a one time added cost when purchasing custom polybags. Once print plates are made, they can be used over and over again with no added fee (plates do wear over time but typically plates last at least 20+ runs). How are print plate costs determined? Why do some prints with seemingly small …

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