Post Consumer Recycled Content.    Material made partially from consumer waste steam.  Material is recyclable at end of life.

Stock options

  • 40% PCR content clear in 0015 mil and 002 mil
  • 25% PCR white in 00225 mil
  • 20% PCR white outside/silver inside coex mailer film available in 2.5 mil 

Notes:  PCR content has less clarity than virgin film and shows some small inconsistencies when printed.  

Biobased LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene).  Material made 50% from plants (renewable resource).  Material is recyclable at end of life.  

Stock options

  • Clear 002 mil
  • Clear 004 mil

Notes:  Looks, acts and feels like regular LDPE.  

Certified Compostable.  Material is certified compostable at the end of life in an industrial compost facility.  Material certified to ASTM D6400 standard.

Stock options

  • Clear 002 mil

Notes:  Film not as clear as regular LDPE.  Material is very expensive.


Other Notes:

Post Industrial Recycled Material.  Material is made from in-plant waste created at the extrusion facility.   Minimums of 1,000 pounds available in white or clear.  

Custom Options.   Any of the above materials can be made in different gauges but will require higher minimums (roughly 5000 pounds as an estimate).  Please call if you have specific requests.

Biodegradable.   The word biodegradable is general and has no set definition.  In particular, it does not define a time frame for break-down, a place for breakdown nor an action to do so.   We do not quote new inquiries for biodegradable bags due to the vagueness and wide degree of potential interpretation of the word. 

Future Materials.   We are always looking for new sustainable materials to stock.  Stocking allows clients to order lower volumes and make sure the material fits their needs.  As long as we can make bags out of the material on our machines, can readily get more material as we run low,  the material is “reasonably” priced  and there is a demand for the material, we will stock it.  Please let us know if you have an inquiry for a new material.  We are happy to learn about it and pursue it as a stock option.   Sustainable material is a new and constantly changing market.