Macro Goals 



In 2015, the United Nations (UN) announced 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) for all member nations to strive to achieve by 2030. The SDGs “provide a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet now and into the future.” For more information on the SDG’s, visit the United Nations sustainable development web site. (click here)


The influence of the SDGs on nations can be found through legislation and policies implemented to accomplish the goals. Every country is monitored and scored based on progress. Countries pursuit of these goals drives some of the cultural and societal changes we experience in our daily lives. The policies influence education, businesses, and the public to create change. Our long-term sustainability efforts are geared around the SDG goals that apply most directly to our business and our country. 



Our mission is to help people acquire custom bags.

Our vision to support the mission is to manufacture in an increasingly sustainable direction to promote a…
Healthy Planet (SDGs #13, #14, #15)
Healthy People (SDG #3)
Healthy Company (SDGs #8, #9, #12)

Our vision alignment with the SDGs is crucial to a better future.

The vision is born out of a deep rooted influence from our founder and past owner. The quotes below helped facilitate the creation of our vision.

“When it is easy to be nice, and nice to be liked, who can afford not to be both?”

-Founder Don Strevell’s 1st business card in 1961.

“We are here to provide for the 70 families. Our people are why we do what we do.”

-Bill Romer, Company owner from 1967 to 2003

“As current owners since 2003, we are the third generation to run the family business. The quotes above have always had and always will have a foundational influence on how we operate every day. Our evolving vision retains the deep roots of our history while also providing our company a strong tie to the need to make positive contributions to our community and our planet. We know this is a group effort. We look forward to engaging with our customers, vendors and community at large to make positive change.”

– Current owners Trent Romer & Todd Romer

Micro Goals

Clear View Bag’s sustainability plan to achieve the macro goals is an ongoing and evolving process. As we learn more, more sustainable options, targets, measurable and implementation of those options will occur and be documented here. Below are our continuing efforts on our sustainable journey. Please click the tabs below to learn more about each initiative. 

Quality Goal 2020 - Our 2020 plant wide goal is to reduce our quality related errors by 50%. We will follow the same process that allowed us to achieve the waste goal for 2019 indicated below. We will update our progress at the end of 2020.
Waste Reduction 2019 - Our 2019 Waste Reduction goal of 25% was achieved. It was collective effort of raised awareness, changed processes, and a new mindset by all. We will continue to pursue less waste as we move along in 2020.
We have numerous stocked sustainable film options readily available to produce your custom package. For more information on our stocked sustainable film options, follow the link below. Sustainable Material Stock Options
We print entirely with water based inks (as opposed to solvent based inks). See our blog post written on water based inks (click here) for more information.
Clear View Bag is a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC). The Sustainable Packaging Coalition is a membership-based collaborative that believes in the power of industry to make packaging more sustainable. The SPC is a leading voice on sustainable packaging and is passionate about creating packaging that is good for people and the environment. See for more information.  
All internal lights within our 66,000 square foot building were replaced with energy efficient LED lights. In total 1,561 bulbs were changed. LED uses 30 to 40% less energy than fluorescents and last 5 plus years longer. Fluorescent lights are considered hazardous waste and must be disposed of as such, whereas LED’s can be recycled. Gross annual energy savings: 201,667 kWh. The energy savings in equivalency terms below are based on the greenhouse gas equivalencies calculator (click here to view the calculator). 16,047 gallons of gasoline consumed 18,184,407 smartphones charged 24.9 homes’ electricity for one year
In removing solvent inks and fluorescent bulbs, Clear View Bag became a zero hazardous waste generator.
We recognize the existence of plastics in our environment. The low cost, convenience, and versatility of plastics has caused its proliferation in our lives. The lack of adequate end-of-life waste management in many parts of the world causes litter and a global marine pollution problem. Stopping the leakage of plastics into waterways is a global problem. We will be participating in the May 2nd 2020 Hudson River Clean up effort as a part of the Riverkeeper organization. COVID has pushed the event to later in 2020. The date is TBD.
5/8/19 UPDATE:  Riverkeeper 2019 was this past weekend.  We participated in the Albany NY Corning Preserve cleanup effort.  A tremendous turn-out to help collect trash by kayakers/boats in the water and by volunteers on land cleaning the riverbanks.   Our future Clear View Bagger (9 years old) summed it up when he spoke about why we were all volunteering.  See link
Use our “Clear View Bag Sustainable Packaging: General Guideline to Design for Circularity” spreadsheet to see where you could potentially improve the sustainability of your package. Click here to view the guide on Design with end in mind.  
Printing on the bag ways to dispose of the bag (recycle or compost) once used can be incorporated into the print design. End-of-life print directives can help close loops for the potential for more recycling and our soil replenishment. Click our link here to learn more about the How2Recycle® labeling system. Printing on the bag the make up of the bag (material type, water based inks, recyclability of the package, manufacturing location, etc…) educates the consumer. Click our link here for more details on labeling for recycling for consumer education.
Maximize the pack. Change pack-out to use least resources possible, yet still satisfy your packaging need. Click our link here for more details on how to Maximize the packout. Use large bulk size (“Gaylord”) corrugated box for bulk packaging. Click the link here for more details on the Bulk box packaging option.
Recycling cores, boxes, and wickets program is now available for qualifying opportunities. Click our link here on the component recycling agreement for more information.
Making sure the package fits the use, is printed according to the spec, and the package protects and/or elongates the products life is the most critical aspect of what we do. If the package is incorrect, scrap value impacts our sustainability efforts. If the enclosed product is damaged or compromised before use, the sustainability impact of lost product far outweighs any gains in the sustainability of the package itself. To ensure the package fits the need, we offer free sampling for custom bags. For more information see our sampling services page on our website here. To ensure the print on custom work is accurate, we proof every printed job for approval prior to running.
Co-owner Trent Romer has written a narrative non-fiction book about Clear View Bag’s journey to sustainability. The publisher is John Hunt Publishing. The book will be released June 1st 2021. The book is available for preorder on Amazon. More information & events leading up to the book’s release will be announced in the months to come.

The links and the attachments to the above initiatives are listed here again for easy navigation: Packaging design guide; How2Recycle® Labeling System; Labeling to educate; Bulk Box Packaging Option, Recycling Components; Maximize the Packouts; What is Sustainability?; Circular Economy: Re-Options; Harvard University Exectutive Education on Sustainability; A Glimpse into the Future of Plastic Bags; Circular Economy: Compostable Material; Clear View Bag and the Circular Economy