This image is of a microdot dieline. The microdots are the small black dots which are used to aid the printing process
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What are microdots?

Microdots are tiny dots printed on polybags to aid in print plate location.  They are needed for both the mounting equipment and the printing presses to achieve a high quality registered print.   The microdot we use is .44 mm (0.017 inches) in diameter.  The microdots are placed in the artwork at the time of color separation as the file goes to plate making.  Each color and thus each print plate of the print job will have its own microdot.    The microdot is usually placed above and below the image.  It aids in aligning plates while mounting and on press prior to printing.    Cameras on the mounters and presses enlarge the microdot 20 times to allow the technician to line up the dots.  Aligned dots ensures the plates are in the right position to produce the best print registration possible.

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Written by Trent Romer