Welcome to the Clear View Bag Education Center

The website has been designed as a resource guide. Our mission is to help people acquire custom bags and this website is built on that premise. A wide array of bag materials, constructions and print options are available. Everything we make is custom. Our hope is the site exposes you to the possibilities that exist to help you find the custom package you need.


The attachments offer a series of questions to force moving around the site to find the answers and learn in the process. We have found it to be a fun way to learn about the polybag world. “Polybag 101” is the introductory series of questions that looks at some basics. Additional documents (polybag 201, 301 etc…) will be posted moving forward to take a deeper look at what is available.



Polybag 101 part 2

This image is the Clear View Bag Logo. Our website has been designed as a resource guide to help complete the quizzes in our Education Center.