Our new colored custom poly bags are run on colored film. We offer red, blue, black, and white
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We increasingly receive inquiries for colored custom poly bags in lower volumes. (similar to tinted colored poly bags—See blog post “Colored Tinted Custom Poly Bags”). Colored raw materials from exturders typically come with high minimums and long lead-times. Here at Clear View, we look to make custom colored orders with lower minimums and faster lead times compared to our competitors.

We have just began to carry 004 mil colored poly material in red, black, white and blue. In carrying the raw material, we can slit the material to size and then convert to any custom size desired from 2×2 to 20×20. Using the stock raw material reduces lead-times and allows production of low quantities. (oft times as low as 1,000 custom poly bags)

If you have an inquiry for another mil thickness (00125, 0015, 002, 003, 006), we can quote you the 004 mil we have on the floor at the lower quantity along with the minimum for the exact request.

The colored raw material we stock is not completely opaque. Samples available upon request.

The picture shows 4 swatches of the stock colored raw material available (red, blue, black & white). The black line under the swatches is shown to visualize the film is colored but is not “opaque”.

When printing on the colored film it is suggested that white ink is placed down first before applying other colors on top of the colored film. When applying colored inks onto colored film, the desired color often times will blend with the color of the film resulting in faded or dirty looking color. For example adding yellow ink to the blue film would result in the ink appearing to be a greenish color as opposed to being the desired yellow. White ink is not required or suggested to be put down on top of white film.

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Written by Trent Romer