This image shows an example of a laminated poly bag. We do not produce laminated bags at CVB
October 13, 2017 Customer Service No Comments

Upon receipt of an inquiry, we do all we can to determine if the bag desired is something we can manufacture. One bag type we do not make is a laminated bag. In simple terms, laminated bags are a combination of different materials “glued” or laminated together to provide the product being packaged specific barrier and/or packaging characteristics.

What are some clues that would help determine if the bag inquiry is indeed a laminated bag?

  1. END USE is a common clue to determining if a laminated bag is needed. Products like beef jerky, raisins, cheese, nuts, snack foods, granola and protein bars are all usually found in laminated bags.  Each potentially needs barrier protection from air, oils, moisture and/or light from moving through the walls of the package and thus affecting shelf life. Regular monolayer polyethylene (LDPE) and cast polypropylene (CPP) will “breathe” as air and moisture move through the walls of the bag.  If the product being packaged needs barrier protection, a laminated bag is needed.
  2. 1/4″ WIDE SIDE SEALS are often a clue to indicating the bag is laminated. Laminated bags usually have 1/4″ wide seals while most monolayer bags have a thin side-weld or bottom seal.
  3.  STAND UP POUCHES are a common packaging construction for many products and are always made from laminated materials. Laminated bags are much stiffer and thus “stand-up” on their own without the aid of the product enclosed. Monolayer materials (LDPE and CPP) are much more flexible and do not stand up on their own. The picture shows a stand-up pouch for nuts and raisins in the background.  
  4. BURIED PRINT is a clue to the bag being laminated. Regular polybags are surface printed. The picture shows a surface printed cast polypropylene bag in the foreground. Ice bags, bread bags, soil bags etc are found in regular poly bags where the print is on the outside surface(s) of the bag. If the print needs to be “buried” between layers of material for aesthetics or to extend shelf-life, the print will be laminated between layers of material.
  5. TEAR NOTCH is a term often used with laminated bags. Laminated bags will often times have a small “notch” in the 1/4″ sideseams. The “notch” aids in opening the bag.
  6.  LAMINATED BAG DESCRIPTIONS often show 2 or 3 or 4 plus materials with slashes or dashes between them indicating multiple films are laminated together. For example, PET/AL/PE (Polyethylene Terephthalate layer laminated to an Aluminum layer laminated to a Polyethylene layer). Other common abbreviations for films found in lamination’s includes PVOH, NYLON, OPP, BOPP, CPP.

The above are not absolutes but are clues to the package desired being a laminated bag.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for reading!


Written by Trent Romer