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Welcome to our blog! All of our articles posted are written by a poly expert here at CVB. Our blog posts cover a wide range of topics all revolving around the world of poly bags. Gaining a better understanding of the industry allows for us to provide a better experience for our customers. Here at Clear View we pride ourselves on being experts in our field. Our blog posts are a great way to educate yourself on the industry and the way our plant goes about daily procedures.


What is Sustainability?
What is sustainability? Prior to 2018, I naively viewed the term as a buzz word meaning something to do with being “green”....
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Circular Economy: “Re” Options
Manufacturing, Sustainability
“Request” May Be A Key “Re” To A More Circular Packaging Economy The “Re” words are prominent in the sustainable movement and key to a...
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Harvard University Executive Education on Sustainability
Harvard University Executive Education on Sustainability In June of 2018, I applied to the Harvard’s Executive Education for Sustainability Leadership program. The program is a...
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A Glimpse Into The Future Of Plastic Bags
I was honored to have attended the European Plastic Converters (EuPC) Conference “Plastic Packaging and the EU Plastics Strategy” on Sept 25 2018 in Brussels,...
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Circular Economy: Compostable Material
Sustainability, Uncategorized
Compostable bags take a different track to Sustainability All organic matter will eventually biodegrade including plastic made from fossil fuels. However, the time-frames organic matter...
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PCMC Kaizen Event
Events, Manufacturing, Printing
One of the reasons Clear View Bag chose the PCMC Fusion C series press is because of the amazing company that provides and services the...
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Clear View Bag Employee Spotlight
Clear View Bag Employee Spotlight Did you know that Clear View Bag (CVB) has 70 employees? Five of the seventy have been employed by CVB...
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Clear View Bag and the Circular Economy
Clear View Bag and the Circular Economy A circular economy refers to a regenerative economic system whereby waste and process by-products are turned into new...
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Our New Printing Press – The PCMC Fusion Series
Manufacturing, Printing
Here at Clear View Bag our mission is to help our customers acquire custom bags. We emphasize fast response times and quick lead times. To...
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Water based inks on plastic bags
Water based inks have been part of our printing process for five plus years.  Using water based ink as an alternative to solvent based inks...
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Custom Samples: Key to the Right Package
“To help people acquire custom bags. ”   That is our mission statement.  It is posted in large print on our wall in the manufacturing area. ...
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Clues to Identifying Laminated Bags
Customer Service
Upon receipt of an inquiry, we do all we can to determine if the bag desired is something we can manufacture. One bag type we...
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