Low quantity minimum requirements
  • Whether you need a low number of bags to fill a certain application or just starting out and do not need many bags to get your product to market, you have found the right company. We cater to low volumes and start-up companies. With our own in-house art department, our own printing presses and our own bag machines, we can help you from start to finish. .
  • Minimums will depend on the bag material desired, bag construction and print. Generally speaking, minimums fall in the 1,000 to 10,000 range


Domestic manufacturing location in Albany, New York

We produce and manufacture all of our bags at our facility located in the U.S.A.


Plate room for ease in ordering custom printed packaging

Having the art and plates made in-house eliminates potential added cost, delays and confusion when involving a third party for the art and design.
Typical order cycle:

  1. Order placed
  2. Art received or created
  3. Dimensionalized proof for approval sent
  4. Approved, print plates are made and job scheduled
  5. Job generally ship within 2-3 weeks of art approval

We accept existing art files or create a design to fit your needs. Art files accepted in Illustrator, Quark and Photoshop. Illustrator preferred

Digital proofs provided for all new or changed print jobs




Make and hold inventory options

  • We can make product in higher volumes and release product according to your needs.
  • Make and Hold options are available where we make the larger volume and release over time. We manage the inventory and bill when we ship. By releasing over time, the customer gets the bags when needed and thereby limits cash tied up in inventory


FREE custom samples available to ship within 24-48 hours

  • Custom items may require samples to ensure the customer gets the look, feel and fit they desire.
  • FREE custom samples available upon request
  • FREE samples available of similar items we have made to show finished product and constructions.
  • Most custom samples ship within 24-48 hours of request

Response Times

Guaranteed fast response times

  • We pride ourselves on our response times for all types of inquiries. We know that the quicker we can get the customer an answer, the easier we make things for them.
  • Average response time for a custom quote, check on order, general inquiry on a specification or any other customer service area is 2-3 hours during normal business hours. If we cannot get back to you in that time frame, we will let you know when you can expect a response.

Packaging & Labeling


  • Specific case counts
  • Banding or bundling in specific amounts
  • Inner bagging within master cases
  • Slip sheeting within master cases
  • Poly lined cases


  • Bar codes
  • Specific part numbers/ PO numbers
  • Lot numbers provided for tracking
  • Item descriptions and size UPC codes


Volume Pricing

Multiple prints and bags may be combined for volume pricing

  • Multiple varieties of the same basic design can be made cost effectively if the art design is created to maximize the use of common plates.
  • Maximizing the common plates for all varieties and limiting the changes from variety to variety to a single color and/or single plate limits the overall print plate charges. It also allows the volume pricing for all with a small plate change or color change fee within the run.
  • Contact us for details or if assistance is needed in the art design stage to take advantage of the savings
  • We do have our own art/plate room for your convenience if needed.

Rush Orders

Immediate need & Rush order options

  • Normal lead-times are 2-3 weeks for unprinted work and 3 weeks for printed work. When immediate needs arise, we can accommodate rush shipments in a variety of ways depending on the need and time frame desired.
  • Please call and ask for rush services and a Clear View Bag representative will outline what we can do.


Quality you can count on

  • Custom work forces alot of checks to ensure the product being made is what is desired by the customer. Our in-house quality system provides immediate checks at every stage of production to provide the very best quality.
  • All our printers and operators are empowered to stop a run if they feel the product being made is not right.
  • All our quality checks and procedures are outlined in our Quality and Procedural Manual. (copies are available upon request.)
  • Retains from every case of bags and every roll we produce are kept. The retains allow us to have a real good thumbnail of the order made and shipped. If questions do arise, the retains allow us to quarantine any issues to certain boxes or rolls for quicker, more accurate responses.
  • 250 years of combined packaging experience in family owned and operated plants: Clear View Bag is 3rd generation owned and operated family run business. The sales and customer service staff combined for over 250 years of packaging experience. We use our collective experiences to help find solutions in packaging for customers.

Over/Under Runs

Over/Under Runs

An over/under run is quoted as custom items are subject to varying raw material film buys and scrap amounts.  Both are predicted based on historical averages which provide a basis for making quantity ordered.  Inherent variations in the production process force an over and underrun percentage to be quoted.  General tolerances are +/- 10% on thickness and +/- ¼” on size.  If tighter tolerances are needed, please ask.

5,000  and under =  25% over and under run
5,001-7,500 = 20%
7,501-15,000 = 15%
15,001 and up = 10%


Clear View Bag ships all across the country. We specialize in lower volume custom work with fast lead-times. The combination of lower volumes (limits freight costs) and short lead-times (even with longer transit times) allow us to competitively serve clients all over the country. The graphic below spans approximately 2 year time frame and 15,000 plus orders. The states in yellow are the most frequently shipped to followed by red, green, blue, and then purple representing less frequent shipments.

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