Who We Are:

Clear View Bag Co., Inc. is a family owned and operated custom bag manufacturer of low and high density polyethylene (LDPE and HDPE), polypropylene, compostable, recycled content and other heat sealable materials. Our focus is on lower volume custom items with a short lead-time. Todd and Trent Romer are the current owners and are the grandsons of the founder Don Strevell and sons of Bill Romer who owned the company from 1967 to 2003. The third generation owners are leading Clear View Bag toward an increasingly sustainable packaging future in the products being offered and in the means of manufacturing. Our sustainability efforts can be found by clicking this link here.

Our Mission: To help people acquire custom bags.

Our Vision: Healthy Plant, Healthy People, Healthy Company 

Our mission and vision statements are displayed prominetly in our plant. All of our employees know why we come to work every day and where we are going. Both statements serve us well to keep us focused on what is important to our present and future vendors, employees, and customers. 

Mission Key Words: 

HELP- We are here to help. People contact us because they have a need. We need to try and help fill that need. If we cannot help due to the bag not being something we can make, we will direct you to a source if one is known. 

PEOPLE- We are helping real people with real needs. In this day of emails, texts and at times impersonal means of modern business, we can never forget that the help we are giving is for real people solving real problems. 

CUSTOM- We are a custom manufacturer. We are not a stock house. 

Vision Key Words: 

HEALTHY PLANET: We are ALL connected to the planet we inhabit. Our actions in the way we manufacture and products we produce have an impact. The goal is to increasingly make our impact a positive one. 

HEALTHY PEOPLE: The people who make up our company is our company. The people make all the difference. The goal is to strive to create employment that engages people and provides the best physical, mental, and social well-being we can. 

HEALTHY COMPANY: The health of our company is key to providing for employees, vendors, and clients. The goal is to invest in our company to get better and ensure the health and viability moving forward. 

***All three interacting together create the ideal state of our company***

Our Process:

Clear View Bag is a manufacturer and converter of plastic bags and roll stock. We specialize in custom packaging and printing.

If printing is your need we are uniquely staffed with an in-house art and graphics team, as well as a plate making department with state of the art equipment help you with the design of your package. Having these services in house allows us to quickly and professionally design your bag without the need for third parties that cause delays and quality issues.

Once a concept for your package is created we place an order for your raw materials. We do not extrude the plastic used to make your bags but rather have dedicated, qualified suppliers that provide us with superior quality film in the size and thickness you require.

Upon receipt of the rolled film we assign a unique lot number to it and transfer to the proper department for conversion. If the material is to be printed, one of our five presses featuring four wide web central impression units will do the job.

Then it’s off to the production line where one of our 17 machines will cut and seal your package adding any of the custom options you require. Once the final product has been inspected for quality, it’s shipped right to your door.

Clear  View Bag is dedicated to continually upgrading its machinery and technology to make sure the entire process is as streamlined and quality oriented as possible.

To see a video of our process of how we make our bags follow this link below!

Markets Served:

Medical: The medical industry makes up approximately 20% of our business. “Clean bag” manufacturing procedures are utilized when running items that need to be clean for medical applications. Clean procedures include frequent knife and machine cleansing, constant monitoring of cleanliness of the product, operator hand gloves and hair nets when required, poly lined cases, protection of unconverted rollstock with bag covers, extra attention in shipment to ensure the product arrives in tact…


Food/Agricultural: The food market makes up approximately 25% of our business. From apple and pepper wicketted bags to printed tortilla zip-lock bags to frozen perogies and raviolis requiring special blends of metallocene/eva film, we can handle all types of food packaging that do not require barrier protection. We make both premade bags loose in a case and roll-stock which runs on form fill and seal machines. All bags and roll-stock can come in any configuration needed and can be printed up to 8 colors including full process printed work. Compostable packaging pairs well with food related items.


Retail/Promotional: The retail market makes up approximately 20% of our business. We can print up to 8 colors to provide a unique look for an event or a product for business. Some applications include:

  • Fold over diecut handle bags for craft stores
  • Printed header bags with hang holes for paint brushes
  • Tamper evident zip- locks for parts
  • Patch diecut handle bags for college bookstores
  • Printed tape co-extruded bags for mailings
  • Recycled Content material can be used in many applications where clarity is not needed


Industrial: The industrial market makes up approximately 15% of our business. We stock some sizes of bags. Uses for stock and non-stock applications include:

  • Pallet covers to poly line bins
  • Zip-locks to hold parts
  • Stock flat bags to serve as dust covers
  • Tape bags to hold important documents
  • Wicketted bags for fast pack loading of products

A wide variety of film types, constructions, and print options are available if a stock size does not fit your need…

Sustainability: For those clients engaged in finding a more sustainable manufacturing vendor, we hope our efforts can help you in your journey. Sustainability is a partnership of all stakeholders in a supply chain. We are always looking for new ways to support our clients in their sustainability journeys. 


“We have been working with Clear View since 1995, over the past 23 years what stands out are consistent quality, fast response times and information when we need it.  They have talented and dedicated sales, customer service and quality teams that are always ready to step in and assist with our orders and a willingness to work on new projects from the simple to the complex.”

-Keith from Intercept Technology, Inc.


“There are so many great things to say about Clear View Bag Company!  What comes to mind is excellent customer service, spot-on delivery times, and a genuine deep-rooted Win-Win Partnership approach with their clients!  The more I work with Clear View, the more I’m impressed with their community focus and their commitment to developing their associates.  They value the importance of every team member employed there!  Clear View Bag will absolutely continue to evolve into a prominent leader in the industry!”

-Paul from Bread Alone Bakery


“Clear View Bag has been a trusted and reliable business partner of Kayco Inc. for over 20 years.  They provide fast and accurate quotations, quick turnarounds, quality bags and friendly customer service. Clear View Bag Company is our go-to for all of our specialized bag and film needs.”

-Faith from Kayco Inc.

“Clear View Bag provides an attention to detail that helps solidify our reputation and business. They clearly stand above others in their ability to both respond and perform.”

-Hy from Endurapack 

“We have been partnering with Clear View Bag for over 7 years, and it has been a wonderful experience. Everyone is always very friendly, with very quick response times (same day). The quality of our orders have been excellent, and quoted lead times have always been honored. Frankly it’s been a pleasure!”

-Ellen from Guardian Packaging

“I have been doing business with Clear View Bag Co. for at least ten years now and could not be happier with the quality of the polypropylene we order from them. They are always willing to help us when we need to make changes to our packaging. Their Customer Service gets 5 stars from us!  WHOOPIE!!”

Amy from Wicked Whoopies